Primary/Toddler Split Class Lessons

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  Most of us were excited to be back after the long weekend. Once children can count to ten, we introduce them to the decimal system. Friday, I introduced the decimal system to our class:  the unit and the ten.

 Today, we started individual lessons with the children.  After the child can name the unit and ten without the teacher giving the name, the hundred and thousand will be introduced.  We also refer to this lesson as the golden beads.  I attached a photo of the introductory lesson.
By using the concrete golden beads, the children grasp the concept of place value, and we introduce mathematical operations with 4 digit numbers.  So, when introducing addition, one child collect one addend and the other child collects the second addend.  The teacher shows the children how to add the units together first, then the tens, the hundreds and thousands.  This will also be introduced with dynamic addition, where the children learn to borrow and carry over.  Here is a video demonstrating dynamic addition.
We are also working on writing the letters in our names.  When writing, children should always start at the top, go to the  bottom and left to right.  We teach correct capitalization from the beginning. The first letter of a child’s name is capitalized, but not the rest of the letters.
Here are some examples:
The lower case letter a is written beginning at the top, circle back to the left, then from the top, a line down.
Please view the following video regarding handwriting in the Montessori classroom.  The teacher in the video uses the d’nealian alphabet.  We use print, because in reading children will be exposed to print.  After print is mastered, children will be introduced to cursive handwriting using cursive sandpaper letters.
Please let me know  if you have any questions.
Miss Michele


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