Lunch Waste

Every day, I am in a classroom during the children’s lunch period, and I want to take today to thank each family who sends in individual, re-usable containers in their child’s lunch.
At Plum Tree, we teach the children to “reduce, reuse, and recycle,” to compost, and our pledge to the earth:
 “I pledge allegiance to the Earth

And to all life that it nourishes—

All growing things,

All species of animals

And all races of people.

I promise to protect all life on our planet,

To live in harmony with nature

And to share our resources justly,

So that all people can live with dignity,

In good health and in peace.”

by Aline D. Wolf


Lunchables and items in prepared, individual containers leave so much waste, and we are unable to send home what your child does not eat.
If you send re-usable containers, there will be less waste, and you will be able to see how much and what your child eats at lunch.  You would also show your children that what they are learning and practicing at school is important to you, as well.  Some of our children bring their own cloth napkin for lunch, which I praise.
In reference to prepared individual containers of foods, I am referring to individually purchased yogurts, cheese sticks, fruit cups, carrots with dip, apples with dip, Uncrustables, hummus, etc.
Please remember that your child’s stomach is only the size of his or her fist, and they are offered snack in the morning and the afternoon.
Thank you,
Miss Michele


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