Our first Show & Share was a complete success!  The children sat with great anticipation for their turn.  With 36 students, group took almost one hour, and the children were so patient!
During the Share time, everyone was very respectful and asked permission to see others Show and Share.  Our next Show & Share will be Friday, September 24th.  Mark your calendar!
Beginning last Friday, each child will have a turn to hold the globe while we recite the pledge.  Friday, William held the globe.  Monday will be Jacob’s turn.  Everyone will have a turn.
Also, on Monday, we will have our first official Fire Drill.  We have been practicing since the first week of school.  “When the smoke alarm goes off, you stop what you’re doing and get in line.”  We have explained to the children that we are just practicing.  There will not be a fire.  As required by the state of KY, Plum Tree holds monthly fire drills and quarterly tornado and earthquake drills.  We prepare the well in advance children, and try to make them as fun as possible.  During our tornado drills, we go to the bathroom with a flashlight & read books.  In an earthquake drill we go under tables, and this is the only time we are allowed to do so.
Enjoy the weekend!
Miss Michele