Our Earth

Dear Plum Tree Primary-Toddler Split Class Families,

 Sunday, I went for  a hike, and I was disappointed by the amount of litter I came upon.  Yesterday, we discussed where our home is:  our planet earth. I shared this with the children, and we discussed how it is our job to take care of the earth.  One way we can do this is to pick up litter when we see it.  Although, we did not place the litter on the earth, we can clean it up.

 Each child was given a plastic grocery bag that I had brought from my house, so we re-used the bag.  We then went out on our nature trail and picked up litter.  We also discussed some things were very dirty and that an adult should pick these items up with gloves.  Unfortunately, we found a used diaper.

 The children were very excited to search and find litter.  For some, I should say “witter.”

One child proclaimed, “Wook!  I found witter!”  I love what I do!

 We are all keepers of the earth.

 Miss Michele

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